Asmark Institute


Simplifying Regulatory Compliance in 1 easy step!

AAC and Asmark Institute have partnered to provide you with the help you need to get through the regulatory maze. Asmark Institute has the most comprehensive and cost-effective offering of compliance services for agribusiness in the nation. Compliance services provided by Asmark are in addition to AAC dues; however AAC is the only organization in the state that offers this level of regulatory service through Asmark Institute.

Three Innovative Levels of Compliance Solutions

Three distinct innovative levels of services, along with time-tested materials to supplement your compliance efforts are available through your State Agribusiness Association.

SABRSTM.....Cut through the regulatory tape!

State Association Basic Regulatory Solutions package of services and products is available exclusively through your State Association. Designed to assist State Association staff in fulfilling the diverse requests for information from membership, this package offers access to many resources.

CompassTM.....Helping you find your way!

Take charge of your compliance program with the Compass series of web-based tools from the Asmark Institute. Developed to represent the industry-standard, these nationally-recognized tools leverage the Institute's resources, comprehensive website of innovative technology and list of collaborators. Each of the CompassTM tools have been developed in cooperation with a diverse group of professionals made up of Asmark Institute clients and representatives from National Associations such as The Fertilizer Institute (TFI), the Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA), and CropLife America (CLA) and State Associations such as the Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Association, Western Plant Health Association and the Minnesota Crop Production Retailers. The Asmark Institute has been very fortunate to have received the cooperation and support from governing agencies such as U.S. EPA, U.S. DOT, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Illinois Fire Service Institute and the Illinois EPA. Just as a compass helps you find your way, these tools will save time and help to make your compliance effort easier and more focused for better results.


LighthouseTM.....Navigate the regulations!

Compliance built on experience is the basis for this comprehensive and cost-effective package of compliance services. Whether your operation is a stand-alone independent, a cooperative or a national chain, this package of services offers the broadest selection of regulatory assistance and the highest level of personal service in the United States. Our most popular package because of the value it provides!

Contact your participating State Association for the services and products best suited to your needs. Here is a brief listing of services and products offered available through your State Association.